Big Bug Squash for So May It Be!

Bug Fixes for So May It Be: A Witch Dating Simulator:

  • Brigid no longer stares at the player if they kiss
  • No more mouse detection issues for interactive objects in zoom-in areas
  • Extra logic added to topic selection menus to correct auto-exit issues
  • Return to topic menu button no longer animates when the topic has been exhausted
  • Objects used to initiate mini-games in second dates removed from first dates
  • Able to change your mind about asking out Morgan in computer hangout scenes five and six
  • Prevented additional clicks on cup after reading tea leaves
  • A few spelling and punctuation mistakes fixed
  • Morgans name colour changed in final scene
  • Ghost kitty is more responsive and float-y feeling
  • Fixed text getting cut off in Erin's third date
  • Changed look of menu dialogue in Erin and Brigid's third dates
  • Pentacle decorations are slightly stickier

That might be all of them.

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